About Us

CRX was formed in 1999 and made up of journeyman engineers and machinists.  We have worked with NASA and many government agencies throughout the USA. 

We offer dedicated full service 7 days a week. 

We are closely involved with Swiwin and work closely with their engineers to continually offer feedback and recommendations for motor improvements and changes.

Our services are primarily focused on Swiwin turbines but we service many other brands of turbines.  Our knowledge of other turbines enables us to pinpoint issues with your turbine quickly and accurately, therefore maximizing efficiency and minimizing your down time.

Here are some differences between CRX and the others: 

  • We are in business for over 20 years.
  • Jet engines are our only full time focus.  
  • We have worked on most engine types which enables us to figure out what's wrong with your engine fast.
  • Precise balance of your engine is the key to a healthy turbine.  We use one of the best balancers on the market to dial your engine in where it needs to be.
  • We test run your engines before sending them to you.  Some things are common sense, like running an engine before sending it out.  We test all our engines so you get a motor that runs correctly out of the box.
  • We have helped Swiwin with motor innovations, including, balancing specs and motor designs.  We have helped with improvements from the start of Swiwin.
  • Our pricing is reasonable - you will never get soaked or walk away feeling like you got taken for a ride.
  • Quality and workmanship - We have the right tools, the right resources and most importantly, the experience and the time needed to get any job done correctly.