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Close to 100 years of combined experience in machining . Our team is ready to help you get the most out of your turbine. Browse our resources and service menu below to find the best option for you. If you have a question and want to chat with an expert, we're happy to help!

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Swiwin USA's offering of servicing for all turbine engines
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How the CRX Service and Warranty Services Work

  • You're In Good Hands

    Swiwin USA is a distributor and a full-service center. We support turbine owners whether they were originally purchased through us or not. We're happy to help any turbine perform at it's best.

  • First Year Warranty

    First year warranty coverage begins the day you receive your motor. First year warranty is stem-to-stern with the exception of exclusions which are covered in our manual.  Examples of non covered damage is  crash, water damage (flood), FOD, Damage, etc.

  • We're Our Own Customer

    As avid and passionate RC hobbyists, we understand the time, energy, and resources that can go into a build. We treat your products like they're our own to make sure your experience it top-notch.

  • Broad Servicing Options

    CRX offers friendly courteous bearing and balancing service on many manufacturer turbines.   If you have a turbine that is no longer under warranty or if you have a turbine that you do not want to send to a manufacturer for service, we have the resources to assist with servicing your turbine. 

  • Strict Parts Standards

    To maintain the integrity of our turbines and our high level of service, we generally do not sell internal parts to our engines. We strongly recommend letting our team replace and repair internal parts in your turbine.

Exclusions to Warranty

Warranty and/or extended coverage does not apply under the following circumstances:​

The turbine is used for commercial or institutional (school) use

The turbine was submerged in water

The turbine has been modified in any fashion, i.e., mechanical or electrical

Any attempt to repair

Any dismantling of the turbine

Any crash regardless of cause

The turbine was not cooled properly

Improper electrical connections

Turbine serial number has been removed or altered.

Turbine is found to have been operated with 2 cycle oil

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