Intro Sport Jet, TopRC Model

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One of TopRC Models latest and greatest jets!  We would like to introduce you to the Intro.  The wings of the intro are the same as the ever popular Odyssey.  With proven design this jet will get you started out on the right foot into the Jet world.


Turbine (12 kg)
An excellent choice in turbine power is the SWIWIN SW series.

  • SWIWIN SW120B to a Swiwin 140 Sold here

8 channels (plus) 9-11 servos


Wingspan: 86 in (2190 mm)
Length: 97 in (2463 mm)


- New 2022 landing gears and controller are available and sold separately.
- Airtex sandwich technology construction - is very lightweight!
- Bigger (97") and lighter than odyssey with the same wings - will be a floater.
- No tail pipe...straight outlet at bottom of the fuse.
- Single easy to install the composite fuel tank