Swiwin Turbines SW190B - 41.9lb/19kg output

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Introducing the Swiwin Turbine SW190B, the ultimate power solution for remote control model aircraft enthusiasts who demand the best in performance, reliability, and efficiency. This impressive turbine boasts a compact design that makes it easy to install and transport, while still delivering outstanding power and performance.

The Swiwin Turbine SW190B features an RPM range of 38,000 to 115,000, allowing for impressive performance across a wide range of speeds. Additionally, its fuel consumption of 550g per minute ensures efficient operation, making it the perfect choice for those looking to get the most out of their fuel supply.

With a brushless starter and brushless pump, the Swiwin Turbine SW190B delivers reliable and efficient operation, while the fast throttle response ensures quick and precise control over the turbine's power output. And with a thrust of 190N, this turbine delivers impressive power and performance, making it perfect for tackling even the most challenging aerial maneuvers.

Whether you're looking for reliable and efficient operation, impressive performance, or simply want a turbine that is easy to use and transport, the Swiwin Turbine SW190B is the ultimate power solution for your model aircraft. So why wait? Invest in the Swiwin Turbine SW190B today and experience the ultimate in power, performance, and efficiency!

Product Details for Swiwin Turbine SW190B

  • Compact design
  • 32Bit auto restart ECU
  • Brushless starter
  • Brushless pump
  • Telemetry functions
  • Color screen data terminal
  • CNC compressor wheel
  • very fast throttle response
  • Best cost/performance 190N turbine
  • Silver/Rose Gold color can
Thrust                                                   190N
RPM Range                                           38,000 - 116,0000
EGT                                                       650C
Fuel Consumption                                 550g/min
Fuel                                                       kero or diesel
Lubrication                                            5% kero/3% diesel
Start                                                      full autostart
Restart                                                  auto restart
Weight                                                  1450g
Diameter                                               109mm
Length                                                   258mm
Maintenance Interval                            25 hours