About Auto Starts and If You Should Add It to Your Turbine

Auto Restart enables a pilot to restart a stalled turbine in the event of a flame out while in flight.  There are different schools of thought on this and ideally, it would be great to be able to decide on restarting a stalled turbine based on the circumstances at the time of a flame out but the option  needs to be setup while the plane is on the ground.

Auto restart - is customized based on the engine.  The system senses when the turbine has stalled and the ECU commences a restart sequence.    Please refer to the running section of the manual and set up your engine based on the parameters outlined.

Situations where Auto-restart may not be desirable - There are a handful of situations where a pilot may not want to use auto restart.

-  When testing a new motor/plane configuration
-  If a mechanical issue arises or is suspected to exist
-  If a plumbing issues exist
-  When flying at unfamiliar fields

Auto restart is a marvelous enhancement but it should be used only in sound, known to be flawless conditions where the pilot is fully familiar with the engine and the plane and the surrounding area.  If there is any doubt, it is advised not to use auto restart. 

The auto restart function will attempt to restart a stalled engine unconditionally.  The system operates quickly and flawlessly  provided adequate voltage is left in the main battery and there is fuel and/or no plumbing issues.

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