Should You Upgrade to a Brushless Starter?

Brushless Starter - We all know the achille's heel of every turbine has been the starter motor...   Brushless  technology  offers many improvements and benefits over their brushed counterparts:
  • More reliable and consistent operation
  • Zero wear of electrical parts
  • Able to drive   high loads over an extended period of time
  • Zero fade over long usage periods

We receive many inquiries regarding brushless starters.    Brushless starters are a benefit to any turbine.  All new turbines are offered with brushless starters.  We also offer an upgrade to existent users to brushless. 

Brushless starters are driven by a brushless motor which has no brushes or commutator to pit or erode.  This results in longer operation and much greater reliability regardless of the engine size. 

All new turbines include a brushless starter
Please call for a cost estimate to upgrade your existent turbine to a brushless starter

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