A note about Swiwin Engancements - Not Recalls

We would like to clarify that some inaccurate statements have been made regarding “recalls”… Please note that Swiwin has NEVER issued a recall.  A recall is an action by a manufacturer to prevent damage or bodily injury.

Here is a list of some enhancements and changes that have been made over time:

  1. Swiwin 190 – The compressor wheel was upgraded in about 2018/19 to provide more efficient operation and a new circular magnet was inset into the wheel to maintain proper operation in the same plane as the sensor. The helped to prevent flameouts.

  2. Swiwin ECU – Swiwin recently released an upgrade to their coding to resolve startup issues. The upgrade is a simple DIY option for users.    We sell the upgrade tool and the software is publicly available at www.Swiwinusa.com.   There is no requirement to ship your engine in for this service unless you want us to do this for you.

  3. Swiwin SW220 and SW240 – Swiwin provided an upgraded wheel shortly after the release of the 220 and 240 turbines.  The wheel has enhanced strength.

It is important to understand that an actual “recall” occurs at a manufacturer's corporate level and Swiwin has never issued any recall on any Swiwin engine, ever.  

Jet engines are extremely complex mechanisms and changes are made continuously to enhance reliability and longevity.  If anyone has any questions, regarding this matter or any other, please contact us and we will help clear up any confusion that may exist.

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