It's not "Swiwin" oil

More questions about oil today.

We would like to resolve some confusion about turbine oils.  There is another Swiwin dealer who is selling their own blend of oil as "Swiwin" oil.  Meaning this is some oil, presumably, a widely available turbine oil or other that has been repacked and being sold as "Swiwin" oil. 

The purpose of this post is not to resolve whether this oil works or not.  We would like to clarify that Swiwin Manufacturing, located in China, does not currently sell or endorse any specific oil.  They have clearly restricted the use of any 2 cycle oil and they have also clearly stated that any turbine oil is suitable. This appears to be a marketing pitch to sell one blend of oil.  According to the vendors statement, the oil is OK for for bearings and it does not cause any buildup. Whether true or not, we  have no personal experience with this so we have no statement to make regarding the use and/or reliability of this product.

Our standing on turbine oils is that we do not dictate nor do we attempt to control what oil is used in our turbines and unless a motor has been clogged up, we will not void any manufacturer warranty as with another manufacturer. We have made many long commentaries on this subject and we maintain that until someone ponies up the money and resources needed to conduct a full blown, controlled study using multiple oils and fuels (also consider that there are many blends of diesel) and conducting a motor breakdown after the study, that this is all a word of mouth, call us when you have a problem, reporting system.

We also reached out to GRW to get some input on this and they do not make any recommendation for which oil(s) works best, my hunch due to potential liabilities

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