We Service What We Sell and What Others Sell Too

  • Servicing

    When you buy from CRX, you're in good hands. Our US-based team is skilled in all levels of turbine technology, repair and maintenance.

    It's all we do ALL day and EVERYDAY.

  • Warranty + Maintanence

    To maintain the lifetime coverage, we recommend sending your turbine in for periodic 25-hour warranty and maintanence sessions with our team.

  • Engine Balancing

    One of the key factors to reliable turbine operation is the balance of the rotor. Most microturbines spin at speeds in excess of 100k rpm with resultant force on the wheels of over a ton. Vibration reduces the life of the bearings which often results in premature bearing failure and/or catastrophic failure of the engine.

    We are able to accurately balance any turbine to extremely low levels of vibration, as low as .01mg/mm and in cases where customers bring their engines, in, in a matter of an hour.